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Angry Birds Characters: Everything You Need To Know

The Angry Birds Characters game has a huge cast of quirky birds to choose from. From the socially awkward Bomb to the majestic Mighty Eagle, each flock member has their own unique skill set that can be slingshotted into the air to take down King Pig and his Bad Piggies!

Red is the leader of the Angry Birds flock, but his rude and angry attitude makes him the outcast of the group. However, he shows his compassionate side when he takes care of the three eggs he finds on Piggy Island.


Red is the de-facto leader of Angry Birds Characters and the protector of Bird Island. He is a strong-willed, dedicated bird who allows nothing to distract him from protecting his flock’s eggs.

Red’s personality has been described as “cynical,” yet he is still very compassionate and sensitive. He is also one of the most outspoken birds, and often takes on a brash persona.

He is a very loyal bird who confides in Chuck and Bomb, his best friends/confidants. Despite his strong-willed nature, Red shows more of a softer side when it comes to protecting the eggs and showing his compassion whenever he is alone with them.


Chuck is one of the Angry Birds Characters. He is the hyperactive member of Red’s flock and is considered to be one of the most aggressive pig hunters in the game.

He can be a little bit impulsive, but is a loyal friend to his flock. He is also a good friend to Red.

He can increase his speed when he taps the screen, and can fly in any direction. This makes him a good character to have, as he can reach places that other birds cannot. He is especially useful for accessing Golden Eggs that are hidden away on the map.


The Angry Birds series has been a huge hit with millions of downloads. Rovio has introduced a cast of quirky birds and each character has their own special abilities.

While some of the other angry birds characters are fun-loving and goofy, there are also a few that have more serious roles in the game. For example, Chuck is a canary who can be viewed as the leader of the flock.


Matilda is a white bird, who is the head of the anger management class for birds in the Angry Birds franchise. She also has the ability to drop a egg bomb at the player’s discretion.

The Angry Birds Characters games revolve around a group of animals trying to save their eggs from a group of green pigs who are trying to steal them. The game has become one of the most popular download freemium games in history.

She is a very nice and gentle bird, who is always willing to help others. She teaches the other birds to keep their good vibes high at all times and to not be too angry with each other.


Terence is the largest bird in The Flock (excluding Bubbles Inflated form and The Mighty Eagle) and he is also a very strong and powerful character. He is very stoic and loyal, which makes him great at defending the flock against the Bad Piggies.

He is a very tough bird, and his brute strength is quite effective at breaking through blocks. However, his speed is low and he is not as good at shooting down missiles as Heatwave or Sentinel Prime.

His ruthless personality is a major factor in his success, as he has no mercy at all when it comes to killing the Bad Piggies. His anger management class helps him to overcome his violent past, but he still struggles with it from time to time.

Judge Peckinpah

Judge Peckinpah is a character in The Angry Birds Movie. He is a Great Grey Owl who stands on another bird named Cyrus to hide his true size, and is one of the former anti-heroes in the film.


He initially does not like Red for his anger issues but after the pigs steal their eggs and ruin the village, he feels remorse and helps rebuild Bird Island. He also teaches Red, Chuck and Bomb in the anger management class.

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