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How Long Are Football Games?

There are a lot of factors that can influence the length of a Football Games, including weather, sideline antics, and more. However, in general, an NFL game is scheduled to last around 3 hours and 12 minutes.

Games are broken down into four quarters, each of which last 15 minutes. If the games are tied at the end of these quarters, they go into overtime to determine a winner.


The length of a football games depends on many factors, but the most important is how long each quarter lasts. The length of each quarter will be affected by weather conditions, stoppages and timeouts, and more.

A standard football game is divided into four quarters, with a 12-minute break at halftime. There are also 2-minute breaks at the end of each quarter as teams switch ends of the field.

In a typical quarter, the clock never stops unless a player travels out of bounds or if a penalty is called by a referee. The clock starts again when the ball is snapped to start the next play.

End of Each Quarter

At the end of each quarter, a team with possession loses it. However, positions on the field will stay the same and down indicators must be on opposite sides. This is to make the game fair by evening out the field’s condition and to give teams an opportunity to switch sides before halftime.


A timeout is a short break from play that can be called by either team in between plays. They are incredibly valuable because they can save up to forty seconds in game time.

In the NFL teams are allowed three timeouts per half. These are usually rationed and used strategically to manage the clock, avoid penalties or unwelcome formations, and give players a chance to get their breath back before going out there again.

When a team takes too long to start a new play this is known as a delay of game penalty. This can be extremely detrimental in a closely contested game.

Most Common Use for a Timeout in Football

The most common use for a timeout in football is to stop the clock between plays, and this can help both sides decide what they want to do. The timeout can also be used to call for substitute players.


One of the most crucial parts of a Football Games is halftime. This time period is an important pause for both players and coaches to reflect on the first half and make changes to their strategy.

Sports teams are urged to drink plenty of water at halftime, as fluids are essential for proper hydration. Even a two-percent decrease in optimum hydration levels, which equates to four pounds of fluid in a 200-pound athlete, can have a negative impact on speed, endurance, and agility.

During halftime, coaches typically do a team talk. This involves discussing the team’s progress, what needs to be changed, and any other messages they want to communicate.

Common for Sports Broadcasters

It’s also common for sports broadcasters to do a highlight reel and give the game a recap during halftime. This can help keep fans watching and increase revenue for the league.


If a regular season or postseason game is tied, the teams play into overtime. NCAA and high school games only have one extra period, while NFL games often go on for 15 minutes.

There are three options for how to end a football game in overtime: A field goal, a touchdown or a two-point conversion. A field goal gives the team that scores the first chance to win, while a touchdown or a two-point try allows the second team to come back and tie or beat the score.

A two-point conversion attempt is usually the most common way to end a football game in overtime, but a touchdown can also be enough to win. There have been a few cases of a touchdown being the only way to win in overtime, including a game between Kansas City and Buffalo in 2021.

Final Words:

Some coaches and fans have advocated for a rule change that would guarantee both teams a possession in the final two minutes of overtime. That would make the new rules more realistic and give fans a chance to see a game-winning touchdown play out in real time, instead of just seeing the clock tick down.

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