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Latest Logitech Gaming Mouse – Buyer’s Guide

Whether you’re new to gaming or an experienced pro, choosing the right mouse is critical for performance. Logitech’s range of Logitech Gaming Mouse mice covers a wide price range and is sure to have something for you.

RGB Lighting

If you’re looking for a budget option, the G203 Lightsync offers a great compromise between comfort and performance. It also brings some extra flair with its RGB lighting.

The G305 is a sleek and affordable wireless Logitech Gaming Mouse that will satisfy gamers and non-gamers alike. It has a low click latency and a comfortable form that fits most hand sizes and grip styles.

Battery Technology

Its battery technology continues to improve and a single AA battery can last for up to 250 hours (up to 9 months if the endurance mode is activated). A receiver extender cable is included in the box, but it’s also easy to connect the mouse to your computer directly via USB.

It features Logitech’s latest HERO sensor, which delivers up to 12,000 DPI sensitivity and 400 IPS precision for competitive gaming. It also offers super-fast LIGHTSPEED wireless technology that gives you 1 ms performance that’s as fast as wired, with incredible power efficiency and an indicator light to remind you when you need a new AA battery.

Wired Gaming Mouse

The Logitech G502 is a wired gaming mouse with a wide range of features and specifications. It’s a great option for those looking for a gaming mouse that’s comfortable, customizable, and affordable.

The mechanical switch button and HERO 16K optical sensor provide fast response time for maximum tracking accuracy in games. Create custom profiles with an adjustable sensitive 200 to 16,000 DPI cycle and 11 programmable buttons for quick access to your favorite commands and macros.

Tunable Weight System

There’s also a tunable weight system that lets you tune and balance the five 3.6-gram tuning weights for optimal feel and glide in games. Plus, you can customize the RGB lighting to your liking in Logitech Gaming Mouse Software.

A gaming mouse should feel like an extension of your hand, and the G604 delivers on that promise. Its full thumb rest provides comfortable palm support, and the curved recesses are designed to suit claw and fingertip grips.

Despite being heavy, the G604 glides smoothly once you put it in motion. Five PTFE feet on the underside ensure that it slides easily.

Programmable Controls

The G604 features 15 programmable controls that can be mapped to commands, macros, and more through Logitech G HUB software. This allows players to customize and rebind each control to their own preferences.

The Logitech G903 is the latest addition to the company’s Lightspeed Wireless line of gaming mice. It’s a lagless, wireless Logitech Gaming Mouse that boasts great performance and is customizable with Logitech Gaming Software.

Two Lightsync RGB LED Zones

Using Lightspeed Wireless technology, the G903 offers a 1ms wireless response rate and 24 hours of operating time with RGB lighting on. It also features a 12,000 DPI PMW3366 sensor, five onboard profiles and two Lightsync RGB LED zones.

It’s also compatible with the new Powerplay mouse pad, which can help charge up the mouse when it needs to. That’s not a feature you’ll need in every game, but it’s still worth considering if you want to keep your mice powered up.

Gameplay Style

Designed for esports athletes, the G203 packs a punch with gaming-grade performance and an adjustable 8000 DPI optical sensor to maximize your potential. With a classic six-button design and full-spectrum RGB lighting, it’s a mouse you can truly customize to suit your game-play style.

The Logitech Gaming Mouse is also a great option for people looking for a budget mouse that can also handle a variety of everyday tech tasks. It features a 1000hz polling rate, which means that it reports its location and movement to the computer at a near-instantaneous rate.

Final Words:

The mouse’s buttons, Omron switches and scroll wheel are all excellent in their design, positioning and actuation. They’re clicky, responsive and feel good under the fingers, although there is a fair bit of spring ping to them when you press fast.

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