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Logitech G933 Wireless Gaming Headset Review

Logitech G933 Wireless Gaming Headset combines a high-quality sound system with a comfortable design and a long battery life. It’s priced reasonably, and should appeal to most gamers looking for a good all-round wireless headset.

It also boasts a low latency wireless connection, a decent mic and plenty of customization options in the form of its Logitech G HUB application. Plus, it supports surround sound and comes with three programmable buttons that you can map to different commands.

Powerful 7.1 Channel Surround Sound

The Logitech G933 wireless gaming headset has built-in 7.1 channel surround sound to add a little more depth to your gaming audio experience. It’s not quite as good as some true stand-alone surround sound systems, but it does a decent job of adding the illusion of space and distance to your gaming audio.

It also includes some advanced audio modes and customizable buttons to suit your needs. The software included with the headset can be accessed by a USB stick or on a computer, and it offers a wealth of sound customization features.

Three Programmable Keys

There are three programmable keys on the back of the headphones that can be set to any number of pre-programmed functions or user-defined macros. These keys can be used to change color and lighting effects, as well as adjust the volume, mute, and audio modes on a per-profile basis.

Noise-Cancelling Boom Mic

The logitech g933 wireless gaming headset features a noise-cancelling boom mic that’s built into the left ear cup. The microphone folds away when not in use and it comes with a LED indicator so you know when your mic is on mute.

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The mic also has a flexible end that can be extended to adjust its position. It’s not as durable as other gaming headphones we’ve tested but it does a decent job at blocking out noise.

Along the back of the left ear cup, there are a number of buttons and controls. You can control the volume, toggle the EQ settings, change the lighting effect, turn surround sound on or off, and mute the microphone.

Lightsync RGB Lighting

The Lightsync RGB lighting built into the logitech g933 wireless gaming headset reacts to the action in each game. It also uses the Logitech G HUB to personalize the lighting for each gamer’s experience.

This headset is great for gamers who want a solid headset that can stand up to years of abuse. It also looks good while you’re playing and is comfortable to wear for long periods.

The G933 also offers some nice features like a detachable microphone and a connection dongle for wired mode. It even hides its USB dongle under a magnetic cover in the left ear cup so you can easily store it when you’re not using it.

Comfortable Earpads

The ear pads in the logitech g933 wireless gaming headset are large and comfortable. These pads are made of thick foam cushioning and supple faux leather, which helps ensure that your ears will not feel irritated or hurt when you are using these headphones for extended periods.

The pads are also surrounded by an athletic mesh that prevents them from getting too hot. This is especially helpful for long gaming sessions where your ears may sweat a lot.

In addition, the pads are easily removed and can be cleaned. They are not as insulating as real leather or other materials used by some headphone manufacturers, but they do a good job of keeping the headband from heating up during prolonged use.


The logitech g933 wireless gaming headset is a comfortable pair of headphones that can be used wirelessly or wired. They’re comfortable, block out background noise, have a great microphone, and can be customized using the software.

The controls are easy to use, and the buttons have a nice design. They’re also durable and work well.

They have a mic mute, a power switch, and three customizable G-buttons that can be assigned to whatever you want on the software. The volume wheel is nicely stepped and easy to find.

Final Words:

The G933 is an upscale gaming headset that feels more comfortable than the G930. It’s also much more durable and has a better microphone.

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