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MultiVersus Game Review: Something You Need To Know

MultiVersus is a new platform fighter that takes a different approach than the majority of its genre. The game is a crossover brawler that draws inspiration from the Super Smash Bros series but offers a more unique experience with some new mechanics.

Unlike Smash, MultiVersus focuses on 2v2 combat instead of the traditional 1v1 setup. This means more strategic gameplay and synergy between characters.


The MultiVersus roster features a selection of iconic characters from Warner Bros. properties such as Adventure Times, Rick and Morty and Looney Tunes.

Characters are divided into classes, with Bruisers being your main damage dealers, Mages taking ranged attacks to the next level, and Support characters providing healing and back up for aggressive teammates. The tank category is a defence and survivability specialist, built to take a few hits before they get taken down.

Game’s Overall Ethos

One of the best ways to determine which characters are better than others is to see what they do well and how they fit in with the game’s overall ethos. We’ve put together a guide to help you pick the right fighters for MultiVersus based on their fighting style and ability to work with your team.

The roster currently features more than 70 characters, with new characters regularly added to the game through patches and through in-game events such as the Monster Mash event. You can unlock characters in MultiVersus by meeting certain unlock conditions or by spending Gold Coins you’ve earned by playing the game, ticking off missions, and levelling up.


MultiVersus offers a plethora of game modes. You can play solo, with bots, or with a friend in a competitive team mode. You can also play an upcoming ranked mode that will feature the best of what the game has to offer.

The most impressive of the bunch is the “Wizard of Oz” style game mode that introduces you to some of the game’s most intriguing features and concepts. It is a bit more complicated than you’d expect, but the result is a fun and exciting way to learn about the game’s many systems.

Interesting & Noteworthy Modes

There are also a handful of other interesting and noteworthy modes that deserve a closer look. There’s the aforementioned Wizard of Oz style game mode, which is a lot more fun than you might think. The other standout is the “Classic Arcade Mode” which will likely be a series of AI-controlled matches that are akin to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s classic mode, but are better executed with a little more personality.


MultiVersus is an action brawler that lets players team up and take on iconic characters in legendary universes. It has been in open beta for a little while now, and has been the highest-grossing game of July 2022.

The game has a very different approach to other platform fighters. Its tag team concept is one of the most unique features, and it allows players to test which combinations of characters work best in the arena.

Fans of Smash Bros

That’s what makes the game such a popular choice for fans of Smash Bros. It also means there are plenty of opportunities to have fun with friends and try new things.

But while MultiVersus has a strong online component, it doesn’t currently support offline co-op. As a result, many people have been wondering when this feature will arrive.


Multiverse is free-to-play, which means that the game will not lock any of its gameplay modes behind a paywall. However, it does allow players to buy microtransactions to speed up their progress.

The developers at Player First Games have made it clear from the start that Multiverse will use microtransactions as a way to provide extra content that won’t impact gameplay itself. These will primarily focus on cosmetics, like Variant Skins, Emotes, and fun ring-out animations for each character to use when eliminating an opponent.

Final Words:

There are currently 15 purchasable characters available for Multiverse, with each costing around $7 USD to unlock. This works out to a total of $255 USD, which is not cheap for a game that’s only been out for a few months.

Despite its plain UI and plethora of microtransactions, Multiverse is still a very enjoyable fighting game that’s sure to please fans of the platform genre. If it can keep its pricing and future updates in check, it could be a very promising F2P title.

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