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Saran Wrap Ball Game: Something You Need To Know

The saran wrap ball game is a fun, engaging Christmas party game that everyone can play at any age. It’s a great way to get people engaged and it will create lots of laughter!

To begin the game, everyone sits in a circle. The person that rolls the highest number goes first!


The saran wrap ball game is a super fun Christmas party game that is played by placing prizes and trinkets inside of layers of saran wrap as you roll it into a ball. Then, players unwrap the layers of saran wrap to try and get to the prizes hidden in between!

To play the game, you need a saran wrap ball and a pair of dice. Players take turns unwrapping the layers of saran wrap while rolling the dice until someone rolls doubles.

Once someone rolls doubles, they pass the saran wrap ball to the person on their left. They continue rolling the dice while they unwrap the saran wrap ball until they reach the grand prize in the center of the saran wrap ball.

To make the saran wrap ball game more challenging, you can place smaller prizes close together or larger prizes further apart. The more items you put in the saran wrap ball, the more it will take to unwrap all of them.


The saran wrap ball game is a fun Christmas party game that involves unwrapping prizes layered inside a plastic ball of saran wrap. It’s a great way to get everyone involved and it’s easy enough that anyone can play!

Saran wrap is an inexpensive and easy-to-find material that can be used year-round for this game. You can also use a eco-friendlier alternative to plastic wrap if you’d like, such as newspaper or some pieces of tape.

Players Sit

To play the saran wrap ball game, players sit in a circle and one person rolls a pair of dice. When doubles are rolled, the dice are passed and someone begins to unwrap the ball.

Once the first person has unwrapped the saran wrap ball, they pass it to the next player in line. Continue to pass the saran wrap ball until it’s all unwrapped. The game will usually last about ten minutes, depending on how many prizes are in the saran wrap ball.


Saran wrap ball is a fun Christmas party game that can be played with adults, kids or both. All you need is a saran wrap ball, a pair of dice and a pie plate or bowl to play this game.

To start the game, everyone gathers in a circle or around a table. The person to the right of the dice roller gets the saran wrap ball and starts unwrapping it as quickly as they can until someone rolls doubles (two of any number).

As they unwrap, they can claim prizes that fall out during their turn. When they have a prize they want, they pass it to the next person and continue rolling the dice until they roll doubles.


The saran wrap ball game is a fun Christmas party game that can be played by children and adults. It consists of layers of saran wrap and small prizes all wound up into a big plastic wrap ball.

First, choose the best prize you can find and place it in the middle. This prize can be anything from a stuffed animal, to a lottery ticket or gift card.

Final Words:

Next, add smaller prizes in a random pattern, making sure to space them fairly close together. This ensures that players have a chance to get more than one prize while also increasing the difficulty of unwrapping it!

Finally, start wrapping the first prize by putting it in multiple layers of saran wrap. Make sure to keep the saran wrap tight as you go, so that it doesn’t come apart.

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