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Top 5 Street Fighter Characters

Over the years, the Street Fighter Characters series has released an array of characters that fans have fallen in love with. From fan-favourite charge characters to overpowered heroes, there’s always something for every player.

However, there are a few overpowered characters in the Street Fighter Characters series that stand out from the crowd. These overpowered characters are some of the most difficult to defeat in the series.


Akuma is one of the most popular characters in the Street Fighter Characters franchise. He is the student of martial arts master Goutetsu and younger brother of fighter Gouken.

He is known for his powerful fighting abilities and for killing those he considers worthy of death. This is a part of his character lore that has earned him a deserved place as a ruthless villain and one of the most iconic characters in the series.

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Akuma’s stance on power is to display it by beating and killing those who are worthy of death, something that has turned him into a monster in the eyes of his society. Ryu has long struggled with whether to embrace this same power-centric philosophy or strive for balance through a deeper understanding of martial arts.

M Bison

M Bison is the leader of Shadaloo, a criminal organization that deals in various illegal activities. He uses a vast array of nefarious methods to achieve his goals, including drug trafficking and human experimentation.

Bison is a ruthless dictator who demands absolute loyalty from his subordinates. He is unforgiving of those who oppose him, and often uses coercion or brainwashing to convert skilled martial artists into his cause.

His character is based on Yasunori Kato, the protagonist of a popular Japanese series of novels known as Teito Monogatari, who was a demon given human form. He also resembles Washizaki, the villain of the manga and anime Riki-Oh.

M Bison is a playable character in the Japanese action/tactical RPG hybrid Namco x Capcom and Project X Zone 2. He is portrayed by Raul Julia, a well-known Puerto Rican actor.


Seth is a street fighter character who debuted in Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition. He is one of 26 enhanced beings that use data collected from world warriors to create a deadly style of martial arts.

Originally named Cain, he was later renamed Seth as an homage to Capcom’s community manager, EVO co-founder and former Capcom USA employee Seth Killian who he worked with on various titles over the years.

Seth’s moveset consists of elements from Guile, Dhalsim, Zangief and Shotokan style characters like Ryu. He’s the most versatile character in the game and has a high risk/reward profile. He’s a solid keep-away and rush character who can also deal large amounts of damage with mix-up potential. He has the lowest vitality in the game but can flinch at some attacks due to his Super Armour, making him a very difficult opponent.


Sagat is one of the more recognizable and popular characters in Street Fighter history. He is a Muay Thai style fighter from Thailand who once belonged to the antagonistic group Shadaloo and is a rival of Ryu.

He is a menacing, muscular tall man with a bald head and one eye covered with an eyepatch. He also wears Muay Thai shorts and wraps on his hands and feet.

Originally, Sagat was arrogant and hell-bent on revenge for the defeat of Ryu. However, over time, he mellowed and became an honorable warrior.


Gill is a half red and half blue character that embodies the theme of balance. He also has a strong connection to Greek mythology, as his appearance is heavily inspired by the legendary Prometheus.

His V-Skill, Divine Comet, has him hitting his opponent with an elemental projectile in order to inflict a specific status condition. For example, his fire projectile deals grey health damage over time and stops the opponent’s stamina gauge from depleting, while his ice projectile causes them to lose their ability to block attacks and stop their stun gauge from depleting.

Final Words:

He is a boss character that pushes Street Fighter Characters into a new area of the game with his fire and ice abilities. He has two permanent V-Triggers, the Primal Fire and Ice of Doom, which strengthen his fire and ice-based attacks respectively. He also has a hidden Critical Art called Seraphic Wing that stuns his opponent with six seraphic wings and then sends them flying into a beam of white light that knocks him out.

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