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Xbox Cricket Games: Something You Need To Know

Cricket is a hugely popular sport worldwide but its presence in gaming has been fairly limited. This has led to a gap between the sports world and the Xbox Cricket Games world.

Thankfully, developer Big Ant Studios has found a way to fill that void and release Cricket 22 for xbox one. This game is the best cricket simulation to date and if you’re a fan of the sport, this game is a must-have.

Don Bradman Cricket 18

Cricket games have exploded on the xbox and PS4 market, with players able to create career modes and online games. The sport has become one of the most popular sports amongst gamers and fans.

Don Bradman Cricket 18 is the latest xbox cricket games from Big Ant Studios and it’s bigger and better than ever. It offers a genuinely challenging experience that will keep you coming back for more.

Variety to the Gameplay

The controls are improved and the ball physics have been made more realistic. A new lighting system makes the game look more real than ever and player animations have been tweaked to add a bit of variety to the gameplay.

The game has a deep career mode where you can manage an individual cricketer or a cricket team. You can start as a seasoned professional or a rookie athlete and progress from domestic leagues to the top international teams.

Ashes Cricket 18

Ashes Cricket 18 is a fully licensed video game that brings all the fast-paced action, big hits and skill you’ve come to know and love from Ashes cricket in a more realistic way than ever before. Using proprietary photogrammetry technology, Ashes Cricket presents official photorealistic likenesses for the Australian and English men’s and women’s teams that will make you feel as though you’re right there at the live match!

Ashes Cricket offers a deep career mode that allows you to take a junior player from the club level all the way up to an international superstar. It also features a great level of variety in the matches you play, including tour campaigns, one-day games and T20s.

The game is also more approachable than Don Bradman Cricket 17 as it uses’standard controls’ instead of relying on the analogue sticks. This makes it easier for first timers and those with good finger-eye co-ordination to get to grips with the gameplay.

Big Bash Boom

Developed in collaboration with Cricket Australia, Big Ant Studios’ upcoming console title is a fun, arcade-style cricket game that doesn’t take the sport too seriously. The aim is to make the game accessible for players who might not follow the sport, while also bringing in some of the fun elements of 20/20 cricket like flaming trails when you hit sixes or a dancing duck to rub those out-for-zero failures in.

With a focus on arcade-style gameplay, you can play casual matches, tournaments or online head-to-head against friends and opponents across a variety of stadiums in Australia’s top league. The game is fully licensed and features all teams and players from this year’s KFC Big Bash League and Rebel Women’s Big Bash League.

With a slick, NBA Jam-style 3D caricature of every player, you can recognise their face and signature moves. The cinematic scenes are a delight, as are the animated power-ups that add a bit of extra spice to the game.

Cricket 22

Cricket 22 is the long-awaited next-gen upgrade to Big Ant Studios’ popular cricket simulation series. It features 4K resolution graphics, an advanced new visual engine, a narrative-driven career mode and the broadest suite of licenses and gameplay modes in a cricket game to date.

It also offers a number of new innovations, including refined bowling and fielding controls. Whether you’re feisty with a fast bouncer, or satisfying as you “snap” a ball from the infield for a precision run-out, the game’s tight controls are designed to ensure you play your best cricket possible.

Final Words:

The game also loads with blinding speed, getting you into the action more quickly than ever before, and includes a full suite of visual updates, including incredible real-time ray tracing elements. It also boasts an all-new commentary team, featuring Michael Atherton, Ian Healy, Mel Jones, Alison Mitchell and David Gower.

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